5 Essential Business Tasks to Automate Guide

Thanks for your interest in the Guide: 5 Essential Business Tasks to Automate.  Take a minute to read through the guide here and let us know how we can further serve your business.

1. Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever struggled with coordinating schedules with someone else?

Automating appointments and getting leads, potential customers or clients an option to automatically book a time on your schedule has never been easier. Automating your calendar scheduling will save you hours of time and hassle in back and forth emails trying to get a time to connect.

Let me suggest this.

With SimplifyAutomation.com, our system can respond to leads automatically with a link to your calendar. That link provides options that you have preset with your open availability. The lead can find a time that works for them and get scheduled with you. The process is so simple you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.

2. Auto-Respond to Conversations (Email, SMS & More)

Save hours of time by setting up auto-responses when someone reaches out to your business. Much like Automated Appointment Scheduling, this will save your inbox hassle and more importantly, save you time.

This works in several ways:
- Automate responses to leads who fill out a website form
- Automate a response when someone sends an SMS/Text message to your business number

- Send e-books or other digital resources that people request in ads or lead forms you create

So much more can be said here and the options are as vast as the creativity you can come up with. Nonetheless, the system will save you countless hours of follow up and bulk responses so you can better focus on more important tasks.

3. Request a Google Review of Your Business

Your business' online presence is crucial to your success. Let's face it, your identity on the web will play a huge part in the perception potential customers and clients will have of your business.

Reviews are crucial!

Potential customers that are learning about your business will be looking for the experience other people have had with your company. We get it, asking for a review after you've performed a service or sold a product can be tough and adds more to your already busy schedule.

But what if it were simple?

With SimplifyAutomation.com, we can setup an automation to request a review of every customer you serve that automatically generates based on a criteria that you setup. You hit a button in the system and the process starts and you don't have to touch it again. It can't be more simple.
Better yet, we can set the trigger to be a timer after a booked appointment completes. You have to do nothing to ask for the review and see your web presence take off.

Google loves to see positive reviews and updates and interactions with those reviews. The more current and updated reviews that you have listed works within the algorithm to show your business to more people.

4. Auto-Send an SMS Message to Missed Phone Calls

Missed call Text Back

5. Internal Process Reminders

Missed call Text Back

BONUS! Proposal or Estimate Follow Up

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