Are you Friends with God on Facebook or do you Follow Him on Twitter?

That question hit me this morning.  Not that I am trying to reduce God to a facebook friend or twitter feed, but rather, do I seek God with the same veracity that I check Facebook and Twitter?  I thought about it this morning.

My general routine is to get up, head to the restroom, where I check the Facebook updates of all my friends on my phone.  I’ve had that same routine for months, until this morning when I realized, how am I following God and seeking His ‘updates’. 

Now I am not suggesting that God will be on Facebook or have a Twitter feed, but in what ways are you communicating with God on a daily basis or seeking His ‘feed’ for you?  It sure would be simpler if God had Twitter or Facebook and would just update us, but you know what?  He kind of does.  He gave us the Bible, His word for us, we only need to read.  He also sent Jesus, to die as a sacrifice for us, so that we could have a connection with the God.

Take some time today to seek God’s ‘feed’ for your life.