Are Your Guests Willing to Come Back?

Lifeway put out a good article last week about your church and it’s openness to guests.  Of course we all say we’re friendly, we all say our doors are open and inviting, and we all SAY that guests are important to us.  But is that portrayed in how we’ve aligned our priorities of our worship services?

Did you know that your guests have made up their mind whether or not they will return to your church in the first 10 minutes of their visit?  What does that tell you about the extensive time and money you put into worship, drama, powerful sermon illustrations, etc.?  Don’t get me wrong, those are all great, but what are you doing to capture your guests in the first 10 minutes of their visit to help assimilate them into the church family?

Here are some ideas:

– Find people in your church who are truly open and able to interact and carry on conversations with strangers.  Nothing is worse than a dry, rehearsed ‘good morning’ from people that are just there because its their job.

– Is your church easy to navigate?  Can a first time visitor feel comfortable in finding all the information and locations they need simply and easily?

– Are the areas of your church clearly marked with signage so visitors can find childcare areas, hospitality rooms, etc.

– What does your website look like?  Remember, this is often the first impression a visitor will see.

Keep in mind, the Great Commission calls us to reach all people.  What better way to reach them than to offer a welcome, inviting facility that they fell comfortable making their new church home.

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