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Are you tracking healthy giving in your church?

We’ve been doing a lot of research recently about increasing your churches giving base.  Let’s face it, money is a difficult topic to bring up in church, yet it is also one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible.  Why is it that we have so much trouble talking about money in church?  We want to give you some thoughts to making money a more comfortable subject in your church.

1. Do you have a vision?
Most organizations have a vision statement.  This should be a concept that you are striving to reach and the means of getting there will produce trackable, measurable, results.  For example, if your mission statement is “To Reach our Community,” you should be able to measure how well you are reaching your community.  How many new visitors are coming to your church, how many opportunities did you offer for the community to connect with your church?  Keep your vision in front of your congregation and provide systematic updates about the success in reaching the vision.