A Remedy for Overworked Pastors

I read Thom Rainer’s blog this morning and he has a great post about depressed pastors. In the post, he mentions several potential reasons why the pastor may be depressed, or burned out. Each of his points are very valid, although I would add one additional point.

Many times, the pastor is the only employee of the church, and if not kept in check, he’ll often over-task himself and suffer from being overwhelmed with being responsible for keeping the organization afloat. We all have that tendency to want to do it ourselves and I’ll be the first one to admit my weakness in this area.

I saw this need after I saw how quickly things can fall through the cracks in churches. On staff at a large church with a big staff, I saw what was necessary to keep an organization active and growing. What it also revealed to me was how many churches that can’t afford staff were in an unfortunate position and in need of help.

We built the Simple Church Accounting System to work with understaffed churches to keep better track of their Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budget and Cash Flow Management. We feel like we’ve created a nice hybrid of technology with personal communication. Its not just a piece of online software, but also a dedicated individual focused on your church’s finances.

All of our clients would agree that they have found partnering with TheChurchBusinessGuys.com frees them up to focus on ministry.

We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your ministry and to find ways that we might partner with you to reach your community.