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I just received a link to a news article in the Gaston Gazette from a friend about a couple that embezzled $200,000 from their church.

[quote] Oh, that won’t happen to us, Mrs. Smith has been keeping our books for years and she is such a nice lady.[/quote]

Unfortunately, that’s what this church thought as well.  This nice, unassuming couple met at the church, were married at the church and had been keeping the books for year.  Everyone thought it was fine until they had a large bill to be paid and couldn’t.

[quote]But we have checks and balances to keep that from happening.[/quote]

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The Real Cost of Free

One of the greatest fallacies in our culture is the perception of ‘free’.  That simple word sounds so good to people, yet few realize that it is actually a misnomer.  There really is nothing free.  (Except salvation through Jesus Christ, but even that cost Jesus his life.)

Every time something is offered for free, someone, somewhere, somehow had to pay for it.

Many churches are operating under the assumption that their volunteers are free labor.  The truth is that the free labor comes at a cost.  While it may not cost in dollars directly, the intrinsic costs of volunteer labor can be substantial.  Let’s look at a few examples.