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Our People Won’t Use That

That is a statement that I’ve heard over and over again.

Too many churches are neglecting to have a functional, attractive website because they have fallen victim to the allusion that their church doesn’t need one. This statement can also be a window into a deeper issue about their stance towards reaching new people.

For most churches, a website serves two purposes:

1. To provide information to prospective visitors about your website. 85% of visitors will look for your church’s website BEFORE they step foot in your door. Your website is your welcome committee that works 24/7/365.

[quote]Does your website give an accurate representation of your church or did you skimp for the CHEAP alternative.[/quote]

2. To keep your members and regular attenders informed. Notice I put this as secondary. Your website can be a very valuable tool for ministry if utilized effectively.

[quote]Are your members using the website as an outreach tool or are they embarrassed to provide the link?[/quote]

Now I realize that outreach is so much more than just a website, but technology has paved a way to simplify your efforts.

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How does your church use your website?