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I saw a commercial last night for a business software program (which will remain nameless) that says it’s like having a ‘virtual back office.’  I was instantly intrigued because, after all, that is a catch phrase we have been using.  After watching the commercial, I realized that yes, it is like having a ‘virtual back office’ with just one problem; You still have to do ALL the work!

This fired me up to spread the concept we have created with even more fervency.  Much like that software, we also provide a ‘virtual back office.’  However, our concept has one vast difference.  We are a virtual back office.  When you partner with us, you are not relying on yourself to input info into the software correctly.  With our concept, you input the information, and our experts take care of making sure the info is handled correctly.  You just sit back, and know that your books are correct, and reports are readily available when you need them.

You are good at what you do.  We are good at what we do.  Let us handle the business so you can focus on your business, ministering to your church.

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Maintaining Balance Part 3 – Your Church

Let’s face it.  In many cases our modern churches have become much more than just a gathering place to worship.  We have added daycare, schools, coffee shops, bookstores, free wi-fi, etc., etc., etc.  Now there is nothing inherently bad with these things, and for the most part they are great tools for reaching new people and providing Christ centered education for our children.  However, who is responsible for keeping these things operational and when do we get back to the church being a group of believers assembled together to worship God?

Today, I’d like to focus on maintaining balance in Your Church.  The statistics are staggering:

  • Pastors have the second highest divorce rate of any other profession.
  • 40% of pastors and 47% of spouses are suffering from burnout, frantic schedules, and/or unrealistic expectations.
  • 45% of pastors say that they’ve experienced depression or burnout to the extent that they needed to take a leave of absence from ministry.
  • 80% of pastors say they have insufficient time with their spouse.

And the most Staggering Statistic:

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How do we help?

If you are a new visitor to our site, you may be asking what exactly it is that we do to help.  Let me tell you a story about a church we recently helped in a big way.

A few weeks ago, we got a call from a church that we spoke to several years ago.  When we met with the church, we gave them our opinion on certain things that they were doing that they really shouldn’t be.  For example, they were operating without a budget and the pastor was the only person signing checks.  We prepared a budget for them and advised the pastor to appoint someone else to sign the church’s checks. 

A few years went by, and we heard from them again.  Not much had changed: they were still operating without a budget and the pastor was still the only person signing the checks.  This time, though, they were definitely in need of our services.  They had been renting part of another church but had found a new building that they wanted to buy.  The only problem was that since they didn’t have a budget, they couldn’t provide the bank with the financial statements they were requesting.  So they asked us to come alongside them and help them get this loan.

We went through three years of bank statements for them to figure out how much money had come in and how much money had went out.  We were able to recreate their information and assign every amount that was spent to a line item on the new budget we prepared for them.  We were then able to prepare a budget for next year based on the last three years’ information. 

Going forward, we will be keeping the books for this church.  At the end of every month, we’ll be able to tell them how much money they spent and where it all went, something they didn’t know before we came along.  We even created some new forms for them to use that will make things much easier for them.

How do we help?  In what ever ways we can.  Whether it be by getting the word out about your church by creating a website for you, or helping your church control your spending by keeping track of your books. 

The word is still out on whether the church will get the new building…check back soon to find out!

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Ministers Payroll Common Misconceptions Explained

You aren’t the only one with questions about payroll for ministers. There are many items to take into account regarding ministers’ compensation. This article will focus on social security.

Dual-status ministers are treated as self-employed individuals in the performance of ministerial services for social security purposes. Dual-status means that the minister is an employee for income reporting, fringe benefit, and expense deducting purposes and self-employed for social security purposes.