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Facebook for your Ministry

I get asked all the time by pastors and church leaders about Facebook. Most are at the point that they are seeing the need, but are having trouble taking the first step to get started. I repeatedly assure pastors that Facebook is one of the most effective means of communication available for ministry. Why? Because its based on “Permission Based Marketing”. When you ‘friend’ someone on Facebook, or ‘like’ an organizations page, you are giving them permission to market to you.

I’ll conceded that face-to-face is the best way to communicate, but what Facebook provides is a way to communicate in a non-invasive manner. This is what I’ll explain here.

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Nothing Better Than a Personal Invitation

I spent sometime this morning listening to the Rick & Bubba Show on my way into town. They brought up something that I wasn’t aware of going on this Sunday. Sunday, September 18, 2011 is National Back to Church Sunday. Some interesting facts were shared.

“Only two percent of church members invite an un-churched person to church. Ninety-eight percent of churchgoers never extend an invitation in a given year.” –LifeWay Research

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Assimilation in Your Church

When someone visits or wants to join your church, what is your process for assimilation?

I was recently at a large church in Kansas City and saw a great process for assimilating people into their congregation.  They had it figured out.  They had it described on a poster, in simple, clear, concrete language that made it simple and easy to understand.  The process had well defined steps and goals to guide people from being a seeker to believer, to follower to disciple.  While it is a clearly defined linear process, it was also cyclical as once the person passed through the process, they were worked back to the beginning to help lead others.

As I looked through the process, (without anyone from the church having to explain it) I wondered how we could help implement similar programs into churches that didn’t have the staff or manpower to organize such an undertaking.  I am still in the very early stages of thought on this and would like some input.

What are you doing in your church to move people in a discipleship process?

We are going to build some form of online application that organizes this process for your church to use.  We just want to make sure its simple, easy to implement and most of all effective at building and growing your church.  Keep checking back for more information on the development process.