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Our Mission Summed Up in Acts 6:2

[quote type=”center”] Then the Twelve summoned the whole company of the disciples and said, “It would not be right for us to give up preaching about God to handle financial matters” – Acts 6:2 (HCSB)[/quote]

I stumbled upon this verse during my quiet time over the weekend. I am always amazed how God puts things in front of us where the words almost just smack us in the face.

I quickly cross-referenced the verse and found that the Holman Christian Standard Bible is the only one that I found to use the words “Financial Matters.” However, it also led me to look at the verse more broadly. What is God trying to tell pastors here? I believe that this is a caution against putting anything before the preaching of the Word.

Now that being said, I am particularly biased to the HCSB’s version that mentions to not put financial matters before preaching. That verse sums up the mission of our company. We built the company to Focus on Business, So You Can Focus on Ministry around the idea that pastor’s are responsible for an enormous task when leading the church. They are also often ill-equipped to handle the business end of the church.

We built our concept to partner with churches to take care of the business aspects of the church. You can check out our range of services and ways we can help throughout the site.

God often interacts with us through the scriptures and I was excited to read and wanted to share!

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Jumpstart 2012

It’s hard to believe, but 2011 is almost over.  As I say every year, it seems that 2011 just started a few months ago.  Time is definitely flying by.

Having a few days off for the Christmas Holiday was great. Not only did it allow me to slow down for a bit, but I also had some time to think and put together a game plan for preparing for the new year. I am taking this week to “Jumpstart 2012”. My week is going to be heavily scheduled on preparing myself for the new year.

[quote type=”center”]How are you preparing for 2012?[/quote]

For most of us, this week between Christmas and New Years is often slower, has less going on, and can be a great time to prepare our selves.

I sat down earlier in the month and started looking for goals I had set for 2011 and quickly realized I couldn’t find the document. I’m sure I have it down somewhere on my computer but this year I am trying something new.

I have made a list of personal and business goals for the new year. I used our company’s Google Apps account to prepare and save the document so it can be shared with others in our company. From that, I am going to develop a game plan for reaching those goals this year. That game plan is what I am going to use to FOCUS my daily efforts. Two of my goals revolve around attaining new clients. I am going to keep a running tally on my wall so that I can have a constant, daily reminder of that goal…

What are you doing to prepare yourself, your church or organization or your business for 2012?

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Spending time with family or Investing time with family?

Jon Acuff recently posted a very thought provoking blog post about the time we all spend with family. If you don’t follow Jon’s blog or on Facebook, I’d strongly encourage it. In the post, he uses an illustration that many of us believe that our physical presence is enough. In some way, we convince ourselves that as long as we are on the same couch, in the same room, even in the same house the somehow that is much better than being on the road. While that may be true, he presents the argument that you don’t need a plane ticket to be absent from your family.

[quote align=”center”]Pastor, are you investing time with your family?[/quote]

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Prefers Traditional Music…

I was perusing through a list of churches seeking pastors and saw a job description with those three words, “Prefers Traditional Music”.

I know the debate over traditional vs. contemporary worship will continue to divide this side of heaven. However, what does it say about the openness of your church by making that statement?

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Fun for Fridays

Always good to get a laugh on Friday. Saw the video below earlier this week and had to share. I always love a good parody.

and another bonus.

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A Reflection on the Loss of a Leader – Steve Jobs

Like everyone else, the last 24 hours have been inundated with news stories, tweets and posts about the passing of Steve Jobs. His vision and leadership helped not only shape an industry, but shift a culture. His insistence in quality and perfection while maintaining simplicity in his products reveal a man who had vision, and the talent to make it happen.

A recent CNBC post details the sympathies of many of America’s top CEO’s offering their condolences. As I read through their comments, it became very clear that Steve Jobs had a significant impact on their businesses, their leadership and their lives. I was, however, also struck by an underlying tone to some of their comments. A number of their comments had an underlying tone reflecting a feeling of emptiness. While we mourn the loss of an iconic leader and quite possibly one of the most innovative individuals of our generation, I can’t help but take the obvious leap to our eternal significance.

Steve Jobs passed away and our lives are flooded with tweets and posts honoring the man. You know about 2,000 years ago there was a man who shifted a culture, presented ideas unheard of at the time and created a movement that still exists today. Jesus Christ changed the world and that influence is still alive today. While Steve influenced a culture here on Earth, Jesus has influenced a culture available to us for eternity.

I can’t speak to whether Steve Jobs had a relationship with Jesus. I hope that he did.

Nonetheless, an iconic leader was lost yesterday and his influence on our culture will be remembered for years to come.

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What does September 11 mean to you?

Like everyone else that owns a television I was inundated with reminders of the September 11 tragedy that happened just 10 years ago.  As I flipped through the channels, saw the tributes at the NFL games, and watched the news channels each having their own take on what to present, a flood of emotions came over me.  I can remember the helpless, almost scared feeling I had that day.  I remember going to work at the golf course and only having one topic of conversation with the 10 or so people I saw that day.  (It was a men’s league day and we usually were packed all day!)  I remember watching on TV the new stories and feeling like everyone else asking “What is going on?”

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Pursuing Excellence

Yesterday a Godly leader shared a message at Bethel Baptist Church. Norris Price share a message on pursuing excellence and how God deserves nothing less than our pursuit of excellence.

He shared about how are nature is to accept good enough and settle for mediocrity because many times, excellence is hard.

He defined excellence as in 4 parts:

Caring more than people think is wise;

Risking more than people think is safe;

Dreaming more than people think is practical;

Expecting more than people think is possible;

For a church, he asked us to think about what we experienced today that bring us back to visit again. Not that we are trying to put on a production, but what about the church provided an experience that was worth coming back for. He then challenged us to give our best to make that happen. Many times, organizations are blamed when in reality it is a lack of excellence in the people. If you go to a business, and are not treated well, then that business is bad. In reality, however, that business may be great, but that person was bad.

The same thing happens in church. We visit, have a poor experience with a person or individual, and suddenly, that church is bad. Are you giving your best so that people experience excellence when they visit your church?

I’m interested in hearing what your church or organization is doing to pursue excellence.

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CBG Fun 4 Fridays

Interesting and humorous response about James and what he might have gone through as Jesus’ brother.  Thanks Thom Rainer for having it on your blog.

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End of the World Predictions

People claiming to predict the end of the world is nothing new.  The list if vast of people claiming to be able to decipher the book of Revelation or have special insight into doomsday prophecies.  What can we take from these guesses?

As evangelicals, they out to be a wake cup call reminder of our mission to share the Gospel.  Regardless of the time or date, we are all called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in our lost world.  When we hear of these outlandish prophecies it out to evoke 2 emotions:

1. We are to be thankful that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that through our relationship with Him we will be on the first bus out!

2. We ought to be reminded of the dire need in our world for people to know Christ.  The Bible is clear that no one knows the time or day, but the urgency is still there.  Imagine if you stood before Jesus today, how could you account for your life and who would you plead for?  Remember, when we stand at the judgement seat, it is too late to go back and share with your friends, co-workers, and …. Family.

Ed Stetzer has written what he calls the Missional Manifesto. Our call to reach a lost world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is never more clear or evident than when we are pressed with the urgency, whether real or manufactured.

What will you do today to share the Gospel of Jesus?