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Do I Need a Consultant?

This is a question we get all the time and can be a very loaded question to answer.

For us, to answer whether or not you need a consultant is difficult but we can for sure say that you need a COACH.

A coach is different.

A coach understands and guides you through the process of the action. A coach is there for teaching, guidance and encouragement. A coach understands the task, more than likely has been there before, and can help guide you in a direction that takes your skills and gifts into account.

Most consultants can spout out theory to you, but a coach has been there.

If you’ve been through college, your professors were probably pretty good at helping you understand the theory of your subject. With a coach, you have a seasoned veteran who understands and can guide from experience.

Are you ready for that coach?

Get in touch with us now and we can find out if you’ll be a good fit for our coaches.


We have a volunteer for that.

We know it’s very common for churches to rely on volunteers.

In many ways, it’s tough for us to compete. Volunteers are able to serve the church at a price point we just can’t touch.

However, as you may already know, volunteers are a two-edged sword.

While they are a great blessing to your ministry, they can also carry an intrinsic cost that may prove expensive over time. Here are a few examples:

– It’s very difficult to fire a volunteer. We’ve all been there in ministry where a volunteer just isn’t in the right position for their skill set, eventhough they really want to be where they are at. There’s a tough conversation that has to happen which is usually not comfortable.

– You often get what you pay for. Just because a person can do bookkeeping or has in the past, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for your church.

– It opens a door for a hyper-control position. We’ve experienced several church bookkeepers that see it their duty to hoard the church’s funds. This makes it very difficult for ministries to grow and develop.

– Just because you can keep a business’ books, doesn’t mean you can do a church. Church accounting is a different animal. There are little nuances that just make things a bit tricky, and there really is no complete church software solution that helps.

– You will always be second fiddle. No matter what, a volunteer will always have something else going on in their lives that the church takes second place to. Whether its a job, family or whatever, by not being paid, even the most servant hearted individual will have other things that require their time.


Why Outsource?

Traditionally, churches have operated under the assumption that everything had to be done in house. Whether that was relying on volunteers, or hiring people to keep the ministry functioning. There was a time where keeping things in house was effective, but now businesses are finding value in outsourcing work to be done. In fact, an entire economy of companies designed to outsource work has developed.

We are one of those companies. We have developed a way to handle your finances in a simple, turn-key solution that offers you the expertise of Church Accounting Experts, while saving the cost of what otherwise would be required to hire someone.

Very simply, by outsourcing you get a greater return for your investment.


Will we lose control of our finances?

Actually, NO.

In fact, we have heard from many of our church partners that they feel more control over their finances by using our team. By consistently matching your transactions and reconciling your accounts, we can provide you an accurate, detailed picture of your church’s financial situation.

This information gives you the insight necessary to make decisions that affect all aspects of the church.