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Video Conferencing – Getting Started

One of the things I have learned in building our business is how much I enjoy taking advantage of video conferencing with clients. For me, there is just something about getting to see that person’s face vs. just the audio of their voice on the phone. I also really find it useful to help our clients with computer and web issues. I like the ability to to share my screen and show them step by step how to do something. By sharing the same view, it makes our conversation flow much more smoothly and gives me the confidence that they are seeing exactly what I am explaining.

Technology can be daunting so I’ll talk briefly about how to get setup for your first video conference.

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Facebook for your Ministry

I get asked all the time by pastors and church leaders about Facebook. Most are at the point that they are seeing the need, but are having trouble taking the first step to get started. I repeatedly assure pastors that Facebook is one of the most effective means of communication available for ministry. Why? Because its based on “Permission Based Marketing”. When you ‘friend’ someone on Facebook, or ‘like’ an organizations page, you are giving them permission to market to you.

I’ll conceded that face-to-face is the best way to communicate, but what Facebook provides is a way to communicate in a non-invasive manner. This is what I’ll explain here.

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Church Social Media

I was talking with a new client over the weekend about their new website. Quickly, the conversation took an obvious shift to social media. We set their site up to utilize some blogging software so that they can update information and keep their site current. I was also able to provide a couple ideas in addition to their site on how to utilize social media for their ministry.

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What’s in an… email address?

I know there are many things about technology that seem intimidating.  I will attempt to explain the simplicity and reasoning behind having email addresses setup with your domain.  In general, I realize that most people go to gmail, yahoo or the others and just get an email for simplicity sake.  I’ll admit, it is very simple to get a gmail address with something like


But is that really the best way to set things up?


Email is beyond becoming a primary means of communication.  That matched with Facebook and it is just one of the many reasons our USPS can’t stay in business.  Most people are pretty savvy with email and I’ll attempt to offer several points on best practices for setting up email at your organization.