Daily Thought

A Reflection on the Loss of a Leader – Steve Jobs

Like everyone else, the last 24 hours have been inundated with news stories, tweets and posts about the passing of Steve Jobs. His vision and leadership helped not only shape an industry, but shift a culture. His insistence in quality and perfection while maintaining simplicity in his products reveal a man who had vision, and the talent to make it happen.

A recent CNBC post details the sympathies of many of America’s top CEO’s offering their condolences. As I read through their comments, it became very clear that Steve Jobs had a significant impact on their businesses, their leadership and their lives. I was, however, also struck by an underlying tone to some of their comments. A number of their comments had an underlying tone reflecting a feeling of emptiness. While we mourn the loss of an iconic leader and quite possibly one of the most innovative individuals of our generation, I can’t help but take the obvious leap to our eternal significance.

Steve Jobs passed away and our lives are flooded with tweets and posts honoring the man. You know about 2,000 years ago there was a man who shifted a culture, presented ideas unheard of at the time and created a movement that still exists today. Jesus Christ changed the world and that influence is still alive today. While Steve influenced a culture here on Earth, Jesus has influenced a culture available to us for eternity.

I can’t speak to whether Steve Jobs had a relationship with Jesus. I hope that he did.

Nonetheless, an iconic leader was lost yesterday and his influence on our culture will be remembered for years to come.