Church Financial Backup & Recovery Plan

Have you given thought to what would happen if your bookkeeper got sick or had to be away for an extended period of time?


What if heaven forbid something devastating happened to your facility?


Do you have sufficient backup & recovery plans in place for your church?



[quote]We have a seamless solution that will insure your church’s financial operation are always operational.[/quote]

We were talking with a pastor just the other day who stated how they were in a bind just a few months earlier.  Their treasurer had gotten sick and was laid up for about a month.  In his weak condition, he was unable to take care of the church’s finances.  The pastor stated that it really opened their eyes to the fact that they didn’t have a backup plan in case the treasurer became incapacitated.

What would you do if something happened and your data was lost?  Take the steps now to prevent a headache later.

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