Do I Need a Consultant?

This is a question we get all the time and can be a very loaded question to answer.

For us, to answer whether or not you need a consultant is difficult but we can for sure say that you need a COACH.

A coach is different.

A coach understands and guides you through the process of the action. A coach is there for teaching, guidance and encouragement. A coach understands the task, more than likely has been there before, and can help guide you in a direction that takes your skills and gifts into account.

Most consultants can spout out theory to you, but a coach has been there.

If you’ve been through college, your professors were probably pretty good at helping you understand the theory of your subject. With a coach, you have a seasoned veteran who understands and can guide from experience.

Are you ready for that coach?

Get in touch with us now and we can find out if you’ll be a good fit for our coaches.