Do you Expect Your Pastor to be Superman?

I am reading a book by Charles Barna, ‘The Power of Team Leadership’.  Just a few pages into the book detailed exactly why our company exists.  In the book, Mr. Barna is stating the case that our (churches) have set the standard required of their leader so high that successfully accomplishing it would be unnattainable.  He states that we are all expecting our pastors to be able to do everything, and be responsible for everything.  It doesn’t take long to see where the break point is going to be in this situation.  No wonder 80% of pastors state they have felt burnt out and needed to take a break from ministry.  Barna re-itterates his point my stating that Jesus choose 12 men to spread the message of Christianity, also stating that if He had depended on one person, we may not have Christianity today.

Why do we put such high expectations on our pastors and leaders?

I don’ t have all the answers but I would contend that perhaps our modern focus on Mega-Churches has put pastors in an unfair position.  There is an unspoken assumption that if you are not pastoring a large church, you are a sub-standard pastor.  Where has that assumption come from?  Why can’t we focus on church health rather than church growth?

Here are some ideas to help you pastor:
1. Give him the options to delegate some areas of ministry that might be better handled by others.  While there are some things the pastor must do himself, there are areas that could be better handled by others more effectively because they have expertise in those areas.
2. Remember that your pastor is a person with a family.  Unlike any other position, the demands on a pastor’s time are great.  Often, his family is the part that gets neglected.  Don’t let your pastor neglect his family.
3. When was the last time you took time to appreciate your pastor? I’ve met with many pastors that have shared with me that just an acknowledgement of appreciation would go a long way.  Take a minute to tell your pastor he is doing a good job without adding a critique.
4. Get your pastors back.  Just as simple as it was in high school.  Stand up for your friends.  Your pastor needs to know that the people of the congregation will stand behind him. 

While pastors are called by God to spread the message of the Gospel, they are really called to equip others to be better disciples of Jesus.  The pastors cannot do it alone, they need a team. 

For more ideas on how to help your pastor, Email us and we’ll show you.