End of the World Predictions

People claiming to predict the end of the world is nothing new.  The list if vast of people claiming to be able to decipher the book of Revelation or have special insight into doomsday prophecies.  What can we take from these guesses?

As evangelicals, they out to be a wake cup call reminder of our mission to share the Gospel.  Regardless of the time or date, we are all called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in our lost world.  When we hear of these outlandish prophecies it out to evoke 2 emotions:

1. We are to be thankful that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that through our relationship with Him we will be on the first bus out!

2. We ought to be reminded of the dire need in our world for people to know Christ.  The Bible is clear that no one knows the time or day, but the urgency is still there.  Imagine if you stood before Jesus today, how could you account for your life and who would you plead for?  Remember, when we stand at the judgement seat, it is too late to go back and share with your friends, co-workers, and …. Family.

Ed Stetzer has written what he calls the Missional Manifesto. Our call to reach a lost world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is never more clear or evident than when we are pressed with the urgency, whether real or manufactured.

What will you do today to share the Gospel of Jesus?