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Online Giving

How convenient have you made it for people to give to your church?

If you’re not setup to accept online donations, you have not made it as convenient as possible for people to give to your church. There are several reasons why having online giving available to your congregation is important especially as check books are often forgotten! No more rushing to an ATM on the way to church!

Our system is designed for non-profits providing some of the lowest transaction rates around. While others such as Pay-Pal and the like may provide a cheaper option, you also get what you pay for.

As a client, you can accept online donations as well as:- Payment for Online Registrations- Recurring Deposits- ACH Debiting

There are many benefits of allowing your church members to donate online. We live in a time where more and more people are not carrying cash or checks with them. By allowing online donation payments you are helping, especially the younger generations, donate more conveniently. Online donations allow your church to give an option for church members to use a debit card or prepaid card as a form of payment, which may not be available without having an online payment option.

Your congregation will be able to give to the church from the comfort of their home or even when they are on the go from their phone. It is also helpful to have an online option for the members that aren’t able to make it to church that week but still want to give to their church in a timely manner. Offering online donations is a great way to reach members of your church that may be too shy or embarrassed to give a donation. Some members may feel more comfortable giving donation privately.

Want a satirical look at why not to offer online giving?

Top 10 Reason to Accept Online Donations

1. Making Giving Easy2. People Spend online, why not give online?3. Stay ahead of “Slump” giving Times.See the entire list …