Have you found a helpful messenger?

Thom Rainer posted on his blog today insights about the “Quest for Helpful Messengers.”  He hit the nail dead on with his post.  As leaders, we do often devote our attention to people from two camps.  We have the first camp of people that feed our ego and continually praise our efforts.  These people in some instances are genuinely happy for our leadership, but can also have a hidden agenda and are using this method for their own self gratification and advancement.

The second camp is the opposite.  These people are constantly criticizing and critiquing your efforts.  The old adage, “the squeeky wheel gets the oil” fits here.  These people are also typically using this method for their own means.

As a leader we must seek out helpful messengers.  Those people that will work with us and share truth.  Those individuals that are selfless and will work for the good of the organization not fulfilling their own selfish agendas.  Seek out these people, and invest in them.