How It Works

You sign up with us

We’d love to welcome you as a new partner. We know our unique system has proven valuable for church plants already.

Our team sends you the start up information we need from you.

There is some basic information we need from you to get started. Once we have that setup, the ongoing work is very minimal. You submit info to us and we take care of it. We’ve really worked hard to be sure out concept is as simple as possible for the user.

You login to our portal

All the information is submitted to us online. You can think of our portal kind of like accounting software on steroids. You submit the info to the program, but a real person is handling the information on the other end. You can rest assured that each transaction is handled correctly, accurately and quickly by a church bookkeeping expert.

Submit on-going transaction info to us.

As the process continues, our team becomes more acquainted with your organization. Most of our clients come on board expecting to only use us for a short time but end up staying. Most find it so simple and convenient that they work us into the long-term plans of their church.

We provide reports back to you on a regular basis.

The information doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get reports from it. We provide you on a regular basis a monthly ledger, statement of accounts, and percent of budget spent report. We have designed these to be simple and easy to read, however we are open to customizing them to meet your needs.

You’re freed up to focus on ministry, not worry about the books.

We wish we could parade all of our current clients here to tell everyone how beneficial our service has been to their ministry. Since that would take too long, we hope you’ll just trust that our system works and many churches and church planters are currently benefiting from deciding to use us early in their ministry. We really make it simple to keep the organization running smoothly.