In Tune With the Vision

I recently met with a pastor who was describing their church. I immediately drew an image in my mind that illustrated their operation. I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and describe. See Below:

The Senior Pastor, had a vision, told people about it, but really was doing nothing to articulate how to move towards the vision nor providing the leadership to move towards that vision. As a result, he had ministry leaders that were all well intentioned, but were in actuality working in vain because each was doing their own thing.


A better example would be this:

It is not my intention to get into talks about top-down or bottom-up but rather to discuss the fact that each ministry is heading towards a common goal. Each ministry understand the vision, and in their own way, is moving towards that vision. The ministries of churches all reach people in different ways, but when all combined in a common vision, the church functions in a way that stands out to many.


A Suggestion:

Pastor, articulate your vision, take part in the conversation with your ministry leaders.  Meet regularly to discuss current status and ideas.  While it may seem overkill, a weekly meeting with your leaders would not be wasted.  Even the quick 15 minute conversation to keep everybody updated will avoid mis-information.  You know, the old telephone game??? He said, that she said, that they said…