Planting the Seed

I’ve heard several people talk about presenting the Gospel as “planting the seed.”  While this is a great illustration, I’ve found that using that term can sometimes be a cop out to neglect responsibility.  Many will share with the church community that they are planting the seeds, and then letting God do the work.  While there are many truths to that, sometime the seeds we are planting are not planted in a way that is conducive to growth.

Let’s illustrate as a farmer would prepare his field.  For farmers, depending on seed growth for their livelihood, they take care in every aspect of that seed being planted.  They wait for the right time of year, they are certain the ground is conducive for growth, they have the proper equipment for planting the seeds, and it doesn’t stop there.  The farmer then takes time to be sure the seed was planted at the right depth, they make sure it gets the right amount of water, not too much or too little, they also know that it needs just the right sunlight, not too much or too little.

If we’re going to use the illustration, we can’t stop at just simply stating the fact.  To use this concept, we must diligently work to cultivate the seed we’ve planted.  I agree, we may not be there to see the harvest, but we must do all we can to be sure the seed is effectively planted.

How are you following up to be sure the seeds you are planting are being sowed effectively?