Riding The Wave

Some good things are happening here with our company. In the past few months we have experienced some rapid growth, added some new products and formed some solid new connections that we know will provide mutually beneficial relationships.

Just a quick note to update on what is happening:

  • We are discussing with the North American Mission Board about how our services can help support their church planting efforts. It’s been great getting to know the leadership there and hearing their heart and direction for church planting.
  • We have built our new portal that helps churches transmit information to us. The portal is live and has proven to be a great tool. We are currently working to expand its capability to be more robust and provide more.
  • We partnered with Stewardship Payroll to handle payroll processing for our clients. We realized that while payroll is not difficult, it can be time consuming and is best left to professionals. The cost for clients of our Simple Church Accounting system is covered.
  • We have partnered with EGS to offer online giving for our churches. This partnership allows us to provide the ability for churches to accept payments online for donations as well as registrations, etc. We are able to provide this at a cost lower than most other options on the market.
  • We have partnered with a Church Management Software company, FreshVine CMS. We knew this was a necessary need in most of our churches as we were getting several questions about it. We contemplated building our own system, but realized after seeing what FreshVine has to offer, their system was everything we would have built and more. Church Business Guys clients get a percentage discount!
  • We are forming partnerships and relationships with Church Planting Organizations across the country. Meeting up with groups that are planting churches effectively has been great. It is amazing to see a common effort happening among people that may never meet, yet their goals and vision are very similar.

To sum up, God is really moving in our company. We are rapidly expanding and the best way to explain it is that we are just along for the ride. God is opening doors and it is excited to be a part of what He is doing.