Church Websites

Custom WordPress Design Themes for Your Church

There are many Web Content Management Systems out there but we have decided that WordPress works the best. Why, because it is flexible, expandable and adaptable to your individual needs. Many web companies will force you into their system which may not suit your church. Let our staff work with you and show you how easy it can be to develop a great web presence for your church.


  • Developed on WordPress Platform – CMS not proprietary, you can host it anywhere!
  • Custom Design for your Church – No templates where you look like other churches
  • 24 hr support response time
  • Training, training, training… we are here to help you all the time!
  • On-going Support – Trends change, technology gets updated, we are here to keep your site fresh and current.
  • Online Giving – Increase your revenue, provide convenience by accepting donations and tithes online


  • A church website is a great way to keep everyone informed. Having a website allows your church members to be up to date on all information. Are you having a special worship time or special event? Announce it on your website.
  •  Has your area experienced inclement weather and church service is canceled? Announce it on your website. This could be a lifesaving announcement based on the travel conditions.
  •  Is there a member of your congregation that is in desperate need of prayers? This too can be announced on your website.
  • A website can be a very useful tool for new church visitors. It is a great place to list the details of your church service such as time, location, child care, and dress attire.
  • Your website can help the financial situation of the church also by allowing members to donate online.

Propel your church strongly into the future with a well designed website.