Church Financial Management

Complete Financial Management Solution For Your Church!

We’ve developed a unique Simple Church Accounting system that is cheaper and faster than mostchurch accounting software and is able to simplify your church’s financial management requirements. Our goal was to make this process hands free, allowing pastor’s and church leaders to be freed up to focus on ministry.


Our Simple Church Accounting System Handles:

  • Bill Pay – You submit bills to be paid through our online portal, we take care of the rest.
  • Payroll – We can process your payroll for your staff and employees.  We take care of all tax filings, payments, etc.
  • Deposit Management – We help you track deposits adding to the complete financial solution.
  • Contribution Management – Let us help you keep track of donors to your organization.
  • Budget Management – We can meet with you to help you develop and manage your budget.
  • Monthly Reporting – Our system produces monthly reports for your church leadership.  We can help you understand and manage the specific needs of your church’s finances.


Axess Network is a full service church financial management company. We have the experience to help you properly allocate funds and help you identify and prevent potential budget shortfalls. Our team can handle your church bookkeeping and accounting tasks so that you can focus on building a stronger church.

As mentioned above, we can also handle your church payroll, making sure to comply with all applicable tax laws. While there are church accounting programs available on the market today, they do not come with an experienced professional to operate them. Church accounting software will also leave you or your volunteer in charge of learning and complying with the ever changing tax laws. While using accounting software to handle your church’s payroll and bookkeeping may seem inexpensive, a single tax penalty will wipe out your savings and then some.

With years of experience handling the finances for numerous churches, we truly understand the intricacies and difficulties that church leaders and the pastor face. Our church financial management services are designed with your church in mind and providing you with a cost effective solution to handle the finances of your church is the ONLY reason we exist.

Is purchasing accounting software really less expensive?