Church Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our Church Bookkeeping solution provides a simplified solution to keeping track of your churches finances.  Gone are the days of having to find and rely on a volunteer.  Our team members are experts in the accounting needs of a church and stand ready to work with you and your team.Give yourself peace of mind by letting our professionals keep your finances in order.

What We Do:

– We can manage and take care of your bills to be paid.
– After you deposit money in the bank, login to the portal, submit the info and we handle the rest.
– Transactions tracked by budget line
– We provide monthly reports to you customized to your needs.

Anything that goes through your bank account, we handle for you. Deposits, Bills Paid, Contributions Tracked, Payroll including Taxes and Filings, We take care of it all for you.

We built our system with your ministry needs in mind. For most churches, tracking the finances is usually the last thing we think of, but often the most important thing we need to manage. It takes a lot of planning to keep everything in order and to keep the doors open for your church members. Without a professional to keep your finances in order, keeping your church in working order can be a challenge.

For most churches, simply getting by is acceptable. However, we believe in order to make the most prudent ministry decisions, an intimate knowledge of your finances is crucial. Allowing one of our professionals to guide you in your financial situation can help improve your budget. The better your accounts are budgeted the better you can reach out to help your church members and your community.