Church Payroll

For any organization, paying your staff is often one of the most important things from an administration standpoint.  Payroll for churches can be a nightmare if not done correctly.  Churches can also easily get themselves into trouble if they are not handling their payroll accurately and correctly.  This also includes making sure with-holdings are setup correctly, accurately setting up employees vs. sub-contractors, and filing and paying the quarterly employer taxes.

We know that Church Payroll is one of those necessary evils that we have to deal with.

Dealing with finances can be very frustrating. Let our professionals put your mind at ease by allowing us to accurately and effectively manage your payroll needs.

There are many rules and guidelines that have to be followed so that your church doesn’t find itself in trouble. You don’t want your church having legal issues or even facing fines because of errors made that one of our professionals could have easily avoided.

Keeping your payroll in order can be very challenging depending on the number of your staff and their individual needs. It takes a skilled professional to keep track of each employees needs such as deductions and employee status. Our team is ready to take on this task for you.

Let our team handle your payroll needs for your church. Our service is included for our Simple Church Accounting clients or can be setup as a stand-alone solution for your church.

We also know we’ll be one of the least expensive solutions you’ll find anywhere for churches. We will process your payroll starting at $2 per person per pay period. Choosing an inexpensive payroll solution can allow you to spend the churches money in a more beneficial way such as reaching out to the community or by helping members of your congregation that are in need.