Top 10 Reasons to Re-Design your Church’s Website

Top Ten Reasons to Redesign Your Church’s Website
by: Josh Henry

10. Your current site is utilizing outdated technology.

Unfortunately, trends on the web change faster than most of us can keep up with.  However, it is possible to build your site in a way that keeps it open to changing trends.  For a site to be relevant today it must take advantage of social media. Period.

9.  Your site was built using a template builder.

There was a time when churches could get away with a simple website that didn’t look professional, however, that time is now gone.  People looking to visit your church are looking for a website BEFORE they step foot in the door of the church.  What first impression are you delivering?

8.  Your site is not updated.

Websites are a very valuable source of information about your church.  Take advantage of the capability and make your website part of your ministries.  It is probably the most effective communication tool you have.

7.  Updating your site is too complicated.

Every web company advertises the ability to update and edit your site.  Unfortunately, most of the systems require a degree in computer science to figure out.  Be sure the company you choose offers a simple CMS system and has the support structure to back it up!

6.  It was designed by a volunteer.

Volunteers in your church are a great blessing.  However, they can also create problems when it comes to website.  Often, the church’s website becomes a second priority to them and getting updates and changes made is difficult.  Keep it simple, have volunteers help, but also have a back up plan.

5.  Your site is not an accurate representation of your church.

Perception is often reality.  Be sure you are providing an accurate representation of your church through your website.  Be real, don’t try to look bigger than you are, but also, don’t sell yourself short.

4.  Your site doesn’t have vital information for visitors.

Let’s face it; people don’t need another reason to not go to church.  Visitors especially are in a very vulnerable position when they visit a new church.  Alleviate any questions by having relevant visitor information available on your site.  Where do I go, what time do I show up, where is the worship center, what do you have for my kids are all questions that need to be answered on your website.

3.  Your site doesn’t show up in Search Engines.

Most people are going to look for churches in your area through Google or another search engine.  Make sure your church is at least on the list, if not first!

2.   Your URL makes no sense or is hard to remember.

We’ve all been there, trying to remember a website address so we can go back.  Make it simple for people to find your site.  You may have to be creative.

1.  You don’t have a website!

This should speak for itself.  If your church doesn’t have a website, you MUST get one.  No questions asked; you are missing a huge outreach tool without it.