Who Runs Your Church?

Pastor, Who runs your church?

Now I know the ‘churchy’ answer is God, and ultimately that is entirely correct. Without God at the head of our churches we are nothing more than a social club.

What I am asking here is who controls your church church.

I’ve met with far too many pastors who, while they may not admit it, are victims of a over-controlling secretary. Its not intentional, they just have personalities involved that dominate. They are the ones that tend to make the biggest contributions to the church. In many cases, rightfully so, they are putting in the leg work. However, how many times does their opinion, tastes or likes become the predominant culture of your church?

Instead of beating around the bush I’ll just come out and say it. How many times does your secretary plan an event, cater that event to what she wants, invite the input of circle of friends, and then everyone expects that event to be received from the overwhelming majority of the church…

** Disclaimer: I have met many God-fearing, loving secretaries that are humble servants to the church. I have, however, been around at least as many that are acting detrimental to their church. **

Pastor, here are some things to consider:

1. You are the pastor. You are the one called to lead the people of your church and grow. You are the spiritual guide of the church. Take Charge and Lead!

2. When secretaries become controlling it is often not their fault. Just like in a marriage relationship, when the woman doesn’t feel like her husband is a leader and protector, her natural instinct is to attempt to compensate. Take Charge and Lead!

3. The secretary is often over-looked as an ambassador for your church. The attitude and personality she (or he) presents is often the impression that people will get of your church. Take Charge and Lead!

4. Your staff is your team. Your staff is there to help you minister to the congregation. Share with them in victories and defeats. While you are their boss, you are also their pastor. Take Charge and Lead!

This could produce some heated discussions but I am interested to hear what others have to say on this topic.