Your Church Blog: A Pastor’s Thoughts on Knowing What People Give

I recently read a blog article where Larry Osborne, pastor of North Coast Church explained how his thoughts have changed regarding pastors knowing about the giving patterns of his congregation.

I’ll admit, at first, I was adamant about pastors not knowing, however, after reading through Larry’s points, I can see some benefit in knowing.  My jury is still out on whether or not a pastor knowing the giving history of his congregation is good or not.  I think he has brought up a good point about responding to the inevitable questions and concerns that pastor’s receive.

In his article, he receives a letter from a church member explaining that they will continue to tithe, but not to the church because of a dispute in using non-union contractors.  Initially, we would consider sending a letter and request reconsideration, however, after seeing the giving history of the individual, this pastor was able to see the letter was nothing more than an idle threat.

I’m curious to know if anyone has thoughts on this issue.  I can see both sides where it can put the pastor in awkward positions if he does know, but I also see where it can be a good thing.  Your Thoughts?

Your Church Blog: A Pastor’s Thoughts on Knowing What People Give.