Prefers Traditional Music…

I was perusing through a list of churches seeking pastors and saw a job description with those three words, “Prefers Traditional Music”.

I know the debate over traditional vs. contemporary worship will continue to divide this side of heaven. However, what does it say about the openness of your church by making that statement?

As a member of a younger generation, I see those words and conjure up visions of old, outdated, rigid, structured, out of touch, closed. As a consultant, that statement is a reflection of a larger problem. Those words reveal a church that is set in their ways, not open to change, and probably trying to continue on their terms, not God’s. I realize I am making a gross assumption with that statement, but I make it with years of experience.

Thom Rainer posted a similar thought the other day in his post about Signs of Declining Church Health. This would fall under the number dealing with a decline in outward focused ministries.

Ed Stetzer made a similar comment in his post about “Issue Christians. This church has made worship style their issue of choice. What are they neglecting by focusing on this issue?

I am wondering, why didn’t they put something like “Prefers to reach their community”, “Prefers to share the Gospel”, or “prefers to see lost people saved”?

Does your church make statements that restrict your ministries?

Your comments are welcomed.