Virtual Executive Pastor – preview

A relatively new, but position that’s increasing in popularity for many churches is that of an Executive Pastor. As the needs of ministries grows, the Lead or Senior Pastor’s available time is becoming more and more scarce. Balance that with his need to balance time with family and it’s quickly apparent that parts of the ministry need to be delegated.

Often, delegating the business and operational are the easiest and most ideal to move off his plate. Separating the Lead Pastor to focus on church direction, preaching and teaching and bringing on an executive to manage the operations and business needs of the church just seems to work well.

So what is an Executive Pastor?

An Executive Pastor is generally a person on staff tasked with handling the operational needs of the church. From a corporate world standpoint, the Executive Pastor would serve as the COO of the organization. Handling the daily operations of the church to keep the doors open while keeping an eye on the pulse and direction of the organization.

An EXP generally oversees the finances, staff, systems and infrastructure of the church.

While this position is increasing in popularity and importance, for many churches, this position is a pipe dream. They can barely afford the pastor and support staff, let alone a second full time pastor. In most cases, an Executive Pastor will run the church on average about $65,000+ per year in salary and benefits for a qualified individual.


We are able to provide all the benefits of a staff member, without the costs and overhead of an additional staff member. In a ministry world where every dollar counts and we are all called to be the best stewards of the resources available to us, it just makes sense.

What do you get?

– Access to a fully qualified, experienced Executive Pastor.
– A monthly Executive Summary conference call with our team to go over the previous months expenses, giving, trends and budget analysis.
– A monthly conference call to discuss overall direction and needs that are on the horizon for the church.
– A monthly coaching call to discuss your personal ministry goals.
– Access to our catalog of forms and policy manuals and our expertise in implementing new systems.
– Email access to our team of Virtual Executives for questions throughout the month.

OK, that’s great, now how much?

With the personalized nature of this system, we only have room for 15 churches at a time in the system. The investment in our system for you is $2,500 per month.

If you think about it, the qualifications we’re bringing to the table would cost you at least $75,000 per year. That breaks down to over $6,500/month and the additional fees of taxes and benefits. It’s easy to see how our system is not only cost effective, its a great investment for the ministry of your church.

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