Virtual Executive Pastor

Ministry was never meant to be done alone.

Virtual Executive Pastor
Hire our team to serve your church without the costs of payroll.

An emerging role in many churches is an Executive Pastor. That person on staff who is helping make strategic decisions for the church regarding vision, finances, and administration.

Unfortunately, many churches cannot afford the skill set that this position requires, and in most cases, the need presents itself before the resources but we have a solution.

We are ready to partner with your church and serve in a capacity to make you stronger.  You can look at hiring us as hiring a staff member to your team.  We come as an objective solution for your church.  As a pastor, we know you often feel isolated, we want to partner with you as a trusted sounding board, an objective opinion and a friend to your ministry.

Hiring someone to help your church with important decisions is an extremely important choice that needs to be thoroughly planned. The right person can take your church and turn it into a well-oiled machine. It takes experienced professionals to guide your church in the best direction. Choosing an executive pastor who is not qualified for the position can be disastrous.  If your church doesn’t have a qualified person to help with administration and the vision of your church things can quickly fall apart.

We want to help you meet all of your goals whether it is traveling down the right path to see your vision for the church come to life or if it is to get your finances its order.

Our Virtual Executive Pastor concept gives you the benefit of a strategic manager, without the costs. Our virtual executive pastor option allows you to receive the guidance you need without breaking the bank.

We are not looking for more clients, but rather ministry partners we can serve alongside in ministry.

Here are some key areas where our service will grow your ministry:

– Financial Analysis and Review

– Strategic Planning and Systems Implementation

– Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation

– Staffing and Resource Needs

– Communication Systems

Schedule a call today so we can learn more about your church and develop a customized VeXP package to meet your needs.

We look forward to getting your church on the right path!

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