What I’ve Learned About Time Management Now That My Daughter Started School.

My little Kambell is growing up. She started Kindergarten this year and while that first day was definitely harder on my wife than me, it has still slapped me into a new reality. In the last week, I’ve had to learn an entire new schedule for drop off and pickup, but also a new schedule… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Time Management Now That My Daughter Started School.

Who’s Left?

We’re doing an informal survey with planters who have launched their churches asking the question, Who from your core group or launch team is left? Now I realize that semantics can play a big role in this. For most, a launch team is by design not supposed to last once the church has started. That… Continue reading Who’s Left?

Tomorrow is Today

I have to make a confession, I am a Lazy, Procrastinator.  You need only look at the timing and consistency of this blog to see proof.  Like many people, I’ve learned that there are never enough hours in a day and there is a consistent struggle between work, home, family, etc. One thing I realized… Continue reading Tomorrow is Today

Our Offices Have Moved!

We’re happy to announce that our offices have officially moved to the Metro East! Axess Network now has our entire concept operating out of O’Fallon, Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis, MO.  We’re excited about the opportunities that this creates for us being closer to a larger metropolitan area. For Your Records –… Continue reading Our Offices Have Moved!

Send North America Conference 2012 Recap

I just got back from the Send North America Conference put on by the SBC’s North American Mission Board. It was a great time to meet with 2,000+ other church planters and partners from around the continent. I was amazed at the excitement and momentum that seemed to be present. Here are just a few… Continue reading Send North America Conference 2012 Recap

There’s Freedom in Trust

I recently had a conversation with my business partner.  We were discussing the business and what the next steps might be for us as things progress. In the discussion, he mentioned to me that I needed to be careful that I guard myself so that when I attend my church, I am a worshiper and… Continue reading There’s Freedom in Trust