Tips to start your next year budget planning

Well it’s June. Summer schedules are getting into full swing, a time for vacations, barbecues and VBS. As we mentioned last week in the article Preparing for the summer cash flow lull, now is the time to plan and budget for what often are lower income months for churches. This is also the perfect time… Continue reading Tips to start your next year budget planning

Top Reasons to Accept Online Giving

LifeWay research revealed earlier this year that only 14% of U.S. Protestant churches offer online giving. That means that although 78% of churches have a Website, an even higher number–86%–of churches offer no method for online giving. It’s most commonly offered in larger churches, and usually has only been in place for one to two… Continue reading Top Reasons to Accept Online Giving

Tomorrow is Today

I have to make a confession, I am a Lazy, Procrastinator.  You need only look at the timing and consistency of this blog to see proof.  Like many people, I’ve learned that there are never enough hours in a day and there is a consistent struggle between work, home, family, etc. One thing I realized… Continue reading Tomorrow is Today

Budget for Contingencies

After working with several churches recently I found an interesting trend that I wanted to share.  As we were preparing budgets for the upcoming year, we found that most of the churches initial draft contained most of the line items from the previous year with an adjustment for the upcoming year. While this is exactly… Continue reading Budget for Contingencies

IRS Announces New Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Since most people aren’t anxiously waiting news and updates from the IRS, you like many others may have missed the changes the IRS made to the mileage reimbursement rates for 2013. Starting January 1, the IRS has increased the rate of reimbursement by $0.01 for mileage driven for church-related business purposes.  Being aware of this… Continue reading IRS Announces New Mileage Reimbursement Rates

There’s Freedom in Trust

I recently had a conversation with my business partner.  We were discussing the business and what the next steps might be for us as things progress. In the discussion, he mentioned to me that I needed to be careful that I guard myself so that when I attend my church, I am a worshiper and… Continue reading There’s Freedom in Trust

Are you Making a Good First Impression?

I started my career post college as a golf pro. I was the one standing behind the counter at the course taking money, scheduling tee times, etc., etc. Some guys would think that is a great job… I’d beg to differ, but that’s another story. There were quite a few things, however, that I picked… Continue reading Are you Making a Good First Impression?

Who Runs Your Church?

Pastor, Who runs your church? Now I know the ‘churchy’ answer is God, and ultimately that is entirely correct. Without God at the head of our churches we are nothing more than a social club. What I am asking here is who controls your church church. I’ve met with far too many pastors who, while… Continue reading Who Runs Your Church?

In Tune With the Vision

I recently met with a pastor who was describing their church. I immediately drew an image in my mind that illustrated their operation. I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and describe. See Below: The Senior Pastor, had a vision, told people about it, but really was doing nothing to articulate how to… Continue reading In Tune With the Vision

Prefers Traditional Music…

I was perusing through a list of churches seeking pastors and saw a job description with those three words, “Prefers Traditional Music”. I know the debate over traditional vs. contemporary worship will continue to divide this side of heaven. However, what does it say about the openness of your church by making that statement?