Do I Need a Consultant?

This is a question we get all the time and can be a very loaded question to answer. For us, to answer whether or not you need a consultant is difficult but we can for sure say that you need a COACH. A coach is different. A coach understands and guides you through the process… Continue reading Do I Need a Consultant?

We have a volunteer for that.

We know it’s very common for churches to rely on volunteers. In many ways, it’s tough for us to compete. Volunteers are able to serve the church at a price point we just can’t touch. However, as you may already know, volunteers are a two-edged sword. While they are a great blessing to your ministry,… Continue reading We have a volunteer for that.

Why Outsource?

Traditionally, churches have operated under the assumption that everything had to be done in house. Whether that was relying on volunteers, or hiring people to keep the ministry functioning. There was a time where keeping things in house was effective, but now businesses are finding value in outsourcing work to be done. In fact, an… Continue reading Why Outsource?

Will we lose control of our finances?

Actually, NO. In fact, we have heard from many of our church partners that they feel more control over their finances by using our team. By consistently matching your transactions and reconciling your accounts, we can provide you an accurate, detailed picture of your church’s financial situation. This information gives you the insight necessary to… Continue reading Will we lose control of our finances?