Church Accounting Software

Is it really less expensive?

As a pastor or senior church leader you may be tasked with deciding how to manage the finances of your church. When it comes time handle payroll or bookkeeping, many of you many turn to church accounting software to save time and make your job easier. While this can seem like a good idea, you will not always save money with DIY accounting software.

Axess Network specializes in church financial management. We handle church payroll, bookkeeping, budget management, and we can track your incoming contributions.  Our payroll processing starts as low as $2 per employee. Even if you do know how to use the confusing accounting software on the market today, you would stretching to get your costs that low when you consider the cost of the program and the time involved.

As mentioned, we handle much more than just payroll. We can handle the necessary tax filings for your church as well. The IRS does not play nice and their laws can be confusing at best. If you do not have someone with a strong background in financial management and tax law, even the best program can leave your church vulnerable to tax penalties for failing to comply. The cost of a single filing mistake could wipe out the small savings you may get from using software in house and that doesn’t account for the time you or your volunteer has invested.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a professional to handle your church’s finances is up to you. Before you decide, take some time to look around our site and see all that we have to offer for a price comparable to basic church accounting software.

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