Virtual Services

In Church life, the need always presents itself before the resources are available. With that in mind, we have developed several Virtual Church Services that are designed to meet the needs you have, at a cost that matches your resources. It’s that simple!

Virtual Executive Pastor

Our team of experienced executive pastors partners with your church to provide you timely information and advice to make decisions that will help your church grow. We serve as more than a consultant, we take on a partnership role with your church considering ourselves a part of your team that you don’t have to put on payroll.

Virtual Executive Pastor Details

Virtual Web Dude (or Dudette)

Technology is intimidating.
We have been building websites for nearly 10 years and have continue to see church’s struggle to keep their site updated. Let our team take that burden from you and keep you site current and up to date. One of our web specialists will work with you each week to update your site information. Best of all, we do the work for you.

Virtual Groups Pastor

Let us administer your small group ministry. We can help to develop, organize and facilitate communication within your groups. Sure there is software out there to help, but we’re experts and you don’t have time. Let us take care of it for you.

Virtual Outreach Pastor

How are you doing with follow up to first time guests or visitors at your last event?

If the answer is bad, then we can help. Our team will setup and facilitate a system for you to follow up and communicate with those people who showed up at your church. We’ll handle the strategy, setup the system and handle the initial communications and followup throughout the campaign. You just send us the names.

When it’s time for you to follow up, we’ll give you a list of names, numbers and where they are at in the system so you look like the one who’s been communicating the entire time.

Virtual Receptionist

Voicemail is annoying!
And for churches, it can be a lost visitor, missed opportunity or hindered reputation. Does your church still send calls to voicemail? Do you have someone answering calls during the week?
We get it, hiring someone to wait for the phone to ring can be expensive. Why not let our team do that for you. Your calls get routed to our office, and we’re here with a friendly, live voice to take your calls. We can provide those quick 15-30 second answers that are most of the calls you’ll receive and take messages for the remainder. It’s like having a personal assistant take your calls, and your church gets a professional presence in your community.

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