Why Axess Network?

Because you simply just don’t have the time, and it’s not what you were called to do!

Chances are, you didn’t go into ministry with thoughts of running a small business. It’s even more likely that the thought of managing the finances of your church scares you to death.

The last thing you want to do is worry that you’re matching receipts, classifying transactions accurately, reconciling bank accounts and tracking donor contributions correctly. That’s what we’re here for.

We have years of experience in handling Church Accounting & Church Bookkeeping

We specialize in helping your church by taking care of those things that pull you away from doing actual ministry work.

Better yet, we provide our concept for less than you can hire someone with more reliability than a volunteer!

Church Financial Reports you can use

Financial Reports you can actually use for ministry decisions

Having an accurate picture of your finances is crucial to make ministry decisions. Knowing exactly how much of your budget you have spent Year to Date will help you have a better understanding on how you are being a steward of the churches money. It will also give you an idea on the effectiveness of your ministry and show you where you’re ministry is reaching.

Our Church Accounting Process

With our Church Bookkeeping System, You submit information about transactions to us. We’ve made this as simple as possible.
You can submit via:
– our online portal
– email
– Fax
It’s So Simple!

We track each transaction and categorize to your expense lines and budget

One of our Church Accounting Experts is handling each transaction you submit to us so you can be sure the information is accurate and detailed.
We reconcile your accounts each month to ensure accuracy and completeness
You can be sure every penny is accounted for on every report you receive from us. Our Church Accounting Experts reconcile your account to the bank statement each month so we can guarantee the numbers we send you are accurate.
Church Financial Reports you can use
You receive an accurate monthly report detailing your Income and expenses as compared to budget
We send your reports monthly so that you can keep an accurate, on-going detail of your church’s financial situation.

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