Does Your Church have a Web Presence?

According to “Your Church Magazine” Currently, 80 to 85 percent of people are finding their church based on websites If you read further in this article you will also find that 85 percent of church websites are poorly designed, 10 percent are merely adequate, and only five percent can be considered really good So what… Continue reading Does Your Church have a Web Presence?

Ministers Payroll Common Misconceptions Explained

You aren’t the only one with questions about payroll for ministers. There are many items to take into account regarding ministers’ compensation. This article will focus on social security.

Dual-status ministers are treated as self-employed individuals in the performance of ministerial services for social security purposes. Dual-status means that the minister is an employee for income reporting, fringe benefit, and expense deducting purposes and self-employed for social security purposes.

Welcome to BLOG

Greetings, Welcome to our new blog.  We’ve known for quite some time now that we needed to have a blog, but wanted to make sure we were prepared to do it right.  We are now ready to use this blog as an additional resource to help your church better manage the business operations required to… Continue reading Welcome to BLOG