Where Have We Been?

that’s a great question, things have been so busy for us over the past few months that we have neglected the blog. We still have several projects on the docket, but will be making a conscious effort to get the blog updated and attend to it. Expect some good things from us very soon as… Continue reading Where Have We Been?

Jumpstart 2012

It’s hard to believe, but 2011 is almost over.  As I say every year, it seems that 2011 just started a few months ago.  Time is definitely flying by. Having a few days off for the Christmas Holiday was great. Not only did it allow me to slow down for a bit, but I also… Continue reading Jumpstart 2012

Rehoboth Baptist Association

The Mission of the Rehoboth Baptist Association is to strengthen the churches we serve and lead them to effectively evangelize and disciple the people in their region. We offer a variety of services to strengthen churches, equip leaders, and identify the needs of the church field. go to site: http://rehobothbaptistassociation.org/

We’re Looking for Account Managers

Are you or do you know of a pastor that works bi-vocationally or that would be looking to supplement their income by sharing our concept with churches? We are looking for driven individuals that will share our concept with other pastors and churches.


We take care of business so you can focus on ministry.  Our mission is to be a partner in ministry with you and take care of the tasks that are often overlooked, under-staffed, under-qualified, etc. so you can present a professional image.


Just the word can often be scary.  It doesn’t have to be.  Let our team show you how many simple solutions are available to help your church keep up with technology.  Most of your congregation is probably already there, so you might as well catch up.


We live in a real time world, people expect information to be available when they are looking for it.  Let us show you how to increase communication and be a source rather than a repeat.


It is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When someone visits your website, sees your logo or gets a brochure from you, does it present a professional image?  Let us help you present a professional image for your church.

Church Money Saving Ideas – eNewsletters

I am adding a category to our blog for Church Money Saving Ideas.  We have visited and worked with several churches and want to use this as a platform to provide resources and inspiration to find ways for your church to minister effectively, while being good stewards of the resources available. Our first idea is… Continue reading Church Money Saving Ideas – eNewsletters

Are you Friends with God on Facebook or do you Follow Him on Twitter?

That question hit me this morning.  Not that I am trying to reduce God to a facebook friend or twitter feed, but rather, do I seek God with the same veracity that I check Facebook and Twitter?  I thought about it this morning. My general routine is to get up, head to the restroom, where… Continue reading Are you Friends with God on Facebook or do you Follow Him on Twitter?