Personalize Your Church Website

I’ve been working through a series of posts on tips for your church’s website. I have been making appeals to everyone involved in church leadership to not only get a website, but make it a good one. Visitors are far more likely to check out your website BEFORE they step foot in the door of… Continue reading Personalize Your Church Website

Video Conferencing – Getting Started

One of the things I have learned in building our business is how much I enjoy taking advantage of video conferencing with clients. For me, there is just something about getting to see that person’s face vs. just the audio of their voice on the phone. I also really find it useful to help our… Continue reading Video Conferencing – Getting Started

Church Social Media

I was talking with a new client over the weekend about their new website. Quickly, the conversation took an obvious shift to social media. We set their site up to utilize some blogging software so that they can update information and keep their site current. I was also able to provide a couple ideas in… Continue reading Church Social Media

What’s in an… email address?

I know there are many things about technology that seem intimidating.  I will attempt to explain the simplicity and reasoning behind having email addresses setup with your domain.  In general, I realize that most people go to gmail, yahoo or the others and just get an email for simplicity sake.  I’ll admit, it is very… Continue reading What’s in an… email address?

Social Media For Your Ministry Part 1

I repeatedly get asked by pastors and church leaders about Facebook. Each time the conversation is similiar; usually a pastor that understands the need to utilize facebook for their ministry, yet is concerned about losing the personal touch with people. Scott Ginsberg, a great author and friend of mine recently posted on his Twitter feed… Continue reading Social Media For Your Ministry Part 1

Church Web Presence Checklist

Just like the picture suggests, your church’s website needs to be a piece of your ministry.  The advantages available on the web to your church are so vast and inexpensive that churches not taking advantage of them are really missing out.  The list below is not comprehensive, but gives a good starting point for your… Continue reading Church Web Presence Checklist

Church Money Saving Ideas – eNewsletters

I am adding a category to our blog for Church Money Saving Ideas.  We have visited and worked with several churches and want to use this as a platform to provide resources and inspiration to find ways for your church to minister effectively, while being good stewards of the resources available. Our first idea is… Continue reading Church Money Saving Ideas – eNewsletters

Assimilation in Your Church

When someone visits or wants to join your church, what is your process for assimilation? I was recently at a large church in Kansas City and saw a great process for assimilating people into their congregation.  They had it figured out.  They had it described on a poster, in simple, clear, concrete language that made… Continue reading Assimilation in Your Church

Top 10 Reasons to Re-Design your Church’s Website

Top Ten Reasons to Redesign Your Church’s Website by: Josh Henry 10. Your current site is utilizing outdated technology. Unfortunately, trends on the web change faster than most of us can keep up with.  However, it is possible to build your site in a way that keeps it open to changing trends.  For a site… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons to Re-Design your Church’s Website

Google Apps For Your Church

By: Josh Henry, Managing Partner In my years of working with churches to help with their IT and communication needs, I have come across some great resources.  For many years, the options available to help churches from an IT standpoint where very costly.  Not only where they expensive to purchase and deploy, but they also… Continue reading Google Apps For Your Church